Brandon, Hunter

Strategy is responsible for creating a plan for the drive team to follow to maximize points in a match. Strategy works with all of the departments and with the drive team to think of the most useful strategy for the upcoming game. Strategy also thinks of the best and worst case scenario and then plans for it so the team and robot are always prepared. Since these unforeseen circumstances are hard to plan for, strategy thinks of multiple possibilities and outcomes when planning to be sure they come out on top.

When the new game challenge comes out, it’s strategy and engineering’s job to start brainstorming all the different ways the game could be approached. The brainstorming helps to analyze the game strategy, and get a better idea for the robot in the end. The brainstorming is also a good way to allow more of the team to be involved, especially the departments not geared for building.

After the strategical aspect is finished, the team starts transitioning into building and implementing the strategy into the robot design.