Robot Operations

Every year, the Robot Operations department takes on the challenging task of building a robot that can easily perform the game challenge provided by First® Robotics. There are several departments within Robot Operations, including; Strategy, Engineering, Code, Electrical, and Production. The Drive Team is included as part of the strategy department, and they are responsible for driving the robot during matches. The strategy department as a whole has the challenging task of coming up with an efficient strategy for the Drive Team to use during competitions. The Engineering department creates the design for the robot and its parts, which is an essential part of the robot making process. The Code department writes the code of the robot. This is what enables it to have the ability to perform certain actions, such as driving or lifting an object. Electrical is responsible for wiring the robot and giving it power. The last primary department within Robot Operations is Production. Production creates the parts that Engineering designed and assembles them to create the robot. Each smaller department within Robot Operations has a chief who reports to the Robot Operations lead. Their job is to make sure that their respective departments are running smoothly and efficiently. In addition, the role of the Robot Operations lead is to make sure that the whole of the Robot Operations department, and they report directly to the team lead.