Throughout Team 537, there are numerous resources that we use to help aid our success. Some of our most beneficial and commonly used resources are listed below.


Trello– Used to organize tasks.

Chief Delphi– Used to ask/receive questions from other FIRST® community members.


Eclipse– What code currently uses to code.

Visual Studio– What code has used in the past to code.


2016 Robot
Swerve Drive


2017  Business Plan– Samples of our Business Plan from the 2016-2017 season.

Chairman’s Essay– Our 2017 submitted Chairman’s Essay.


CodeAcademy– What we use to train our new members in HTML, CSS, and any other language they may need.

WordPress– What we use to run our site and perform its basic functions. Recommended for teams who don’t know how to write HTML/CSS.


WeVideo Academy– Video uses this to edit videos normally. Useful for teams looking for a online cloud storage of videos.

Corel VideoStudio Pro– Video uses this to edit videos when WeVideo isn’t working right. Useful for a more advanced editing program.

Pinnacle – Software Download– Video uses Pinnacle for low end video projects, or low priority projects.

Studio Backlot – Pinnacle Training– Pinnacle training website that teaches Pinnacle basic and advanced features.

Pinnacle – Training Video– Video that teaches Pinnacle basics in a short period of time.

Vimeo– Used for training new members in editing basics before going on to more advanced software.