Week 1 Review

Marketing: Received sponsorship from QuadTech; continued working on tri-folds; started designing Charger Pulse covers; decided who is writing awards.
Course: Built feeder slots; painting!
Animation: Started modeling for the “What is Team 537” video.
Video: Week 1 Build Season video completed; commercial for website almost finished.
Web: Updating information on website; working on moving to new website; continued work on At The Control.
Code: Coded drive train with shifting and special driving mode.
Electrical: Organized; worked on swerve drive.
Mechanical: Discussed design and starting planning.
Drive Train: Designing
Frame: Design complete; pieces finished.
Climber: Designing.
Collector: Prototype complete.
Feeder: Prototype complete.
Shooter: Prototype complete; rough design done.

Ultimate Ascent

The 2013 game is finally here. Team 537 and thousands of other teams have just six weeks to design build and test a robot for competitions.

Ultimate Ascent


Woodside Celebrates PAWS with Team 537!

Woodside Elementary School students recently celebrated PAWS (Practicing respect, Acting responsibly, being a Woodside friend and Safety always) goals with the Hamilton High School Charger Robotics Team 537. These goals are the foundation of Woodside’s Positive Behavioral Intervention Systems Program; a program that promotes positive behavior in children. For more information, check out the article at

Kickoff Details

Kick-off, a gathering at Waukesha County Technical College of FRC teams across the state, is an event where teams find out this year’s game challenge. After a live broadcast introduces the game and its rules, teams are allowed to view the competition course. This year, kick-off is on Saturday, January 5th, from 9:00AM – 11:30 AM. The broadcast will be presented in Building C in the RTA Education Center at WCTC. It can be viewed online at http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/kickoff.

FLL Templeton Middle School Junior Robotics

The Templeton Middle School Junior Robotics team finished its successful season Nov. 10 with a strong showing at regional competition in Watertown.

This year’s competition was themed “Senior Solutions” in which students created and programmed robots to complete challenges on a “Senior Solutions” board.

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