Raffle Winners

Thank You to all that participated in the FIRST® Wisconsin Raffle, here are our winners.

Marty K. TV
Jerry C.  Laptop
Amy C. Cash prize

Week 5 – Update

Mechanical: All designs have been finished, parts have been made as they are received, collector and feeder started getting assembled, and drive train got assembled.
Electrical: Worked with test robot, and started getting stuff ready for competition robot
Code: Fixed bugs in robot code
Marketing: Continued drafts on essays, collected Mini-Regional prizes, and worked on the scrapbook
Web: Continued updating website, and working on ATC
Video: Weekly update video
Animation: Rendering
Course: Painting

This week is the final stretch– it is important that we give full effort in our work and get this robot done. Don’t forget that Saturday afternoon everyone (except people who are crucial to working on the robot) is dedicated to helping Bruce set up for the Mini-Regional.

Visit the Team537 youtube page!

Week 4 – Update

Marketing: continued drafts on Chairmans & Woodies, updated Business Plan, and collected raffle prizes
Animation: began rendering final scenes
Course: painted, and continued creating new parts (goals) for the course
Video: week 4 update video
Code: continued working on drive train code, made a car drive for the swerve drive, and tested code on robot
Web: continued updating website, finalized photo galleries, and redesigned ATC
Electrical: set up a test board for drive train, and made electrical panels
Mechanical: assembled gear boxes, collector design got finalized, made parts as they have been received, and organized a little

Week 3 Review

Marketing: outlining for awards, started drafts of Woodies and Chairman’s, and continued edits on Business Plan.
Web: continued uploading info to the new website and edited current info on the website.
Animation: started rendering team animation.
Code: started working on autonomous code and finished working out any problems in robot code.
Video: worked on weekly update video and talked with Marketing about Chairman’s video.
Course: continued adding new parts to the course and painted.
Electrical: worked on the electrical board for the robot.
Mechanical: started machining parts and continued designing on 2 components (aim to have drawings mid-next week).

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