Congratulations to our raffle winners!!

The winners of our raffle prizes were picked at our Mini-Regional this past weekend and are as follows:

Julianna R. (from Team 537) won the $1000!

The Tollenaar Family (from Team 1259) won the TV!

Pat D. (from Team 2506) won the Laptop!


Mini-Regional Streaming

Our Mini-Regional Event is happening tomorrow from 12-4 p.m., and if you are unable to be at Hamilton High School at that time, but still wish to view the competition, you can find it on, which is a website produced by our team, any FIRST® competition site, or

We are producing 3 different streams, and the directions to find them on Twitch are as follows:

Stream #1 – If looking on Twitch, search for the channel Team_537_Red:  A quad view of four camera angles all focused on the Red Alliance side of the competition field – a view of the right side, a view of the left side, a view of the Red Alliance habitat, and a full field view.
Stream #2 – If looking on Twitch, search for the channel Team_537_Blue:  A quad view of four camera angles all focused on the Blue Alliance side of the competition field – a view of the right side, a view of the left side, a view of the Blue Alliance habitat, and a full field view.  

Stream #3 – If looking on Twitch, search​ for the channel Charger_Robotics_Team_537:  A single switched view of the competition drawn from all seven camera angles.


Robots, Robot Builders, and Robot Enthusiasts-

Once again, we will be hosting a week 0 event at our school tomorrow, February 17, 2019. The Mini-Regional is a miniature competition that is set up for robotics teams to test their robot before stop build day. Admission is free, and anyone can come! If you are wondering what you should do tomorrow from 12-4 p.m., stop by Hamilton High School in Sussex and watch some robots compete!


As of Saturday, January 5th, the 2019 season has officially begun!! This year the theme is FIRST® Deep Space. The field elements this year are a Rocket, a Cargo Ship, and a Habitat. The robot starts on either the first or second level of the habitat. In contrast to years past, there is no official autonomous period, and instead for the first 15 seconds of the game, operator vision is completely obscured by a “sandstorm”. During this period, teams can decide between using autonomous and using vision tracking. During the 75 remaining seconds of the game, robots try to get cargo into the different cargo bays in the Cargo Ship and Rocket. To ensure that the cargo doesn’t roll out, teams need to put a hatch panel on the cargo bays. At the end of the round, robots return to either the first, second, or third level of the habitat, where they will receive points based on which level they reach. For more information visit

Lakeshore Demo

This coming weekend, the 10th and 11th, Charger Robotics will be demoing last year’s robot for FLL teams at the Lakeshore FLL event. This demo is to show graduating FLL members what they should be expecting if/when they join their schools FRC team in the next year. This demo provides our team with an event for the public during the preseason when we have the time and equipment ready! If you are free and in the area, stop by Lakeshore Technical College between 9am and 4pm to come see the many successful FLL teams and the FRC demo!