Back Row: Hunter, Abby, Lead: Julianna, Mitch      Middle Row: Tate, Logan, Joe, Aubrey                       Front Row: Ryan

General Information

Communications and Operations are essential parts of Team 537 Charger Robotics, both behind the scenes and in the community. These departments are the face of our team, as their members often go out into the community to get sponsors, fundraise, and support our team. They also organizes community demonstrations to promote FIRST®. During competitions, both Operations and Communications members answer questions about our team and robot when asked by other teams, judges, or the general public.


Visuals of Team 537 are produced by the Operations department. When Charger Robotics is present at any demonstration or competition, Operations is responsible for setting up displays of what the team and FIRST® is all about, whether it’s trophies from Team 537’s past accomplishments, or trifolds and posters about Team 537 and FIRST®. Operations promotes Team 537 and FIRST® by giving away tattoos, beads, and business cards to spectators at competitions and demonstrations.

Prior to our Mini-Regional, members of both Operations and Communications collect prizes for the Wisconsin FIRST® Raffle, which has raised over $220,000 for all Wisconsin teams involved and is available for all Wisconsin teams to participate in.

During build season, our Operations department works on essays for FIRST® such as Woodie Flowers and Dean’s List. They also work on the Chairman’s speech and graphics for the Chairman’s competition.  The department also works on acquiring new sponsors. These sponsors are necessary for our team’s function.

Operations Lead: Julianna R.