The Media department’s role is to spread the message of FIRST® Robotics and supervise all of the team’s social media. This includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and the Charger Robotics website. Within the Media department, there are also corresponding divisions such as External Communications, Video, and Animation. External Communications posts information about upcoming Team events, progress with our robot on our social media handles, and maintains Team 537’s website. The role of the Video department is to create content for Charger Robotic’s YouTube channel, record footage from competitions and events, and interview fellow team members. Content for Team 537’s YouTube channel, or Robo-Recaps, come out three times per week. Animation’s job is to produce animations for Charger Robotics, such as the introduction to the YouTube videos, and to create a computer game that corresponds with the current year’s game challenge. Each of those individual departments have an appointed chief. Additionally, Each department’s chief reports directly to the Media Lead, who reports directly to the Business Operations lead.


Media’s job at competitions is to record everything that happens. Our video team and photographers will try to capture every aspect of the events. From what happens in the stands to what goes on in the pits and every where in between, our media members are scattered among the arena. When the drive team goes out onto the field, they are allowed to take one media member with them. This allows video or photos to be taken up close to the competition field as well as shots of our team cheering in the stands above.

Video records all of our matches from the stands and on the field. In addition to the robot, the Video department also films what the team is up to when they’re at competitions. From those working in the pits, to the members cheering in the stands, they capture everything the team does. They use this to create team videos that showcase our robot and our members.

Our team photographer records the same aspects as video, but in still form. The photographer runs around the event, trying to capture everything the team does. In addition to the event photos, such as following our Red Rovers and capturing the excitement of scouting, our photographer also gets pictures of what happens during the event. The hotel and bus escapades are documented as well, so everything that happens within the team is recorded.

The External Communications department also records what is happening during competitions and events by posting images or descriptions of what is happening to the team’s various social media handles; Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram accounts. This is where other members, alumni, and mentors can see how the team is doing, and parents can know what their children are up to when they go away for competitions.