Chief: Julianna, Ashlee, Paige

Charger Robotic’s External Communications department is in charge of updating the team’s social media such as; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the team website. It was established as an official department in 2014, and will continue its work for many years to come. This department makes Team 537 more unique than some of the other teams associated with FIRST® because it is a separate department in charge of social media, and getting the message of FIRST® out to the world.

External Communications is currently maintained by one person, who works on updating and editing the social media and website. The goal of External Communication is to inform the parents, members, and anyone interested know more about our team,  our fundraisers, and the FIRST® Robotics program.


In maintaining Team 537’s website, we want to make sure we keep it up to date; both with team information and trends in digital media. Facebook is a way students, mentors, and parents communicate with the team. External Communications post updates on team happenings and photos of our events, so parents and alumni can see what is going on with the team. In addition to Facebook, our team utilizes YouTube, Twitter, snapchat, and Instagram. Twitter is used to keep the public updated with scores during competitions, and upcoming events and fundraisers. Videos are often uploaded to YouTube ranging from weekly updates to random competition moments, and Instagram is used for uploading photos of good ‘ol Team 537 moments. Another way for alumni and parents to keep in touch is through the Yahoo Groups. Charger Robotics has three groups; the team members group with at least 152 members, the parents group with more than 78 adults, and the mentor group with at least 29 mentors.