Back Row: Hunter, Abby, Julianna, Mitch                Middle Row: Tate, Logan, Joe, Lead: Aubrey              Front Row: Ryan

General Information

Communications and Operations are essential parts of Team 537 Charger Robotics, both behind the scenes and in the community. These departments are the face of our team, as their members often go out into the community to get sponsors, fundraise, and support our team. They also organizes community demonstrations to promote FIRST® to the community. During competitions, both Operations and Communications members answer questions about our team and robot when asked by other teams, judges, or the general public.


During the year, members of the Communications department works on locker decorations, which help to let the rest of the school know what is going on with our team, and which competitions are coming up. The locker decorations are made from scratch by some of the communications members for each individual competition, and additionally for kickoff and preseason. During our preseason and into the build season, the Communications department works on the Charger Pulse (the team’s business plan). The Charger Pulse is a binder compiled of information on what our team is and how it functions. The Communications department continuously updates this to make sure it is the most up to date for competitions, where we will show them to judges

Media, which is a subdivision of Communication, helps to manage the website, post on social media, and maintain our Youtube channel.

Outside of competitions, Communications raises funds for supplies and travel expenses. In addition, both Communications and Operations collect prizes for the Wisconsin FIRST® Raffle, which has raised over $220,000 for all Wisconsin teams involved and is available for all Wisconsin teams to participate in. Team 537 also participates in charities such as Relay for Life, Adopt-a-Highway, Bleed for Bots, and the Can Do program.

Communications does a lot of work with children of various ages to get them interested in science and engineering. This is accomplished by organizing demonstrations at community events like Summerfest, and more localized events such as the Sussex Lions Daze Parade, Piston and Rod Show, and the Pauline Haas Library Ice Cream Social.

Communications Lead: Aubrey White