Business Operations

The role of Business Operations is to promote the message of First® Robotics through tools such as social media, community newsletters, and sponsorship letters. Under Business Operations, there are three primary departments; Media, Operations, and Communications. Within the Media department, there are three smaller departments. Those include: External Communications, Video, and Animation. As a whole, the Media department’s job is to spread the message of FIRST® Robotics through tools like Team 537’s website, social media handles, the YouTube channel, and monthly newsletters. The Animation department is responsible for creating animations for the team, as well as creating a computer game that corresponds with each year’s game challenge. Operation and Communication’s job is to write sponsorship letters, submit awards to FIRST®, and maintain community relations. Between both the Communication and Operation departments, there are sub departments, including Course and Application Development.  The Course department has the essential job of building the course for our annual Mini-Regional, which is the main event that our team hosts. Since there are many students who work in the Business Operations department, there has to be a strong and dependable student leader, or the Business Operation’s lead. Additionally, the Business Operations lead reports directly to the team lead, and has the task of making sure that everyone in the department is cooperating and on task.