Caleb, Lead: Gavin, Bobby, Cameron, Karl, Jacob

The Application Development department is responsible for creating and manufacturing Team 537’s web presence in the form of the Team Site, and At the Control. They also create and maintain the scouting software.

Our team site runs on a content management system called WordPress. We chose this because of its flexibility and ease-of-use. WordPress allows our Application Development department to easily maintain and add its own content to the site. The site features our own custom WordPress theme to use as the front-end of our site. Creating the theme involved writing PHP template code, HTML structure, CSS styling, and JavaScript enhancements.

At the Control is a service to help people monitor teams at competitions by checking statistics, and viewing games. It was formerly independently managed by Nick Block, but after he came back to the team in 2015 he put it back into the team’s care.

Scouting is the usual software we use to determine who would be the best fit for our alliances, and should we make it into alliance selections using that data helps us select the best possible alliance. This was formerly managed by Adam Hastings, but like Nick after the formation of the Application Development department he brought it back to the team. Now, Adam helps the department create and manage it.