Teddy, Peter, Lead: Aubrey

The Video department of Team 537 is tasked with filming and archiving the activities of the team year-round, including build season, competitions, and off-season demonstrations. We then take the footage we obtain and compile it into a variety of short video productions, most of which we post on our team’s YouTube channel. These productions include our Chairman’s award submission, a weekly update during build season, an end of the year team video, which is displayed at the team’s annual awards ceremony, and many more.

The Video department has accomplished several feats last season. Video has been able to create more projects and increase our overall productivity due to more members and a mentor who is highly experienced in film-making. One project has been creating summaries of the tasks shown in each build season weekly update. This gives our YouTube viewers a better idea of what our building process is. Also, we started using a new editing software, Corel, which has made editing easier and more advanced than in years past. One project we were proud of last year is being able to display matches from our Mini-Regional on our high school’s video board, giving the audience a more regional-like experience.