Back Row: Liam, Evrett, John, Ben, Connor Front Row: Nick, Nadia, Tyler

Mechanical is responsible for building our robot each year. They acquire material, build and design parts, and assemble those parts into a finished robot. Mechanical is further broken down into functional departments. These are important because they help Mechanical stay organized and help to keep the robot building process running efficiently. After all, without them we wouldn’t have a robot! Not only do they build a robot to complete the year’s game challenge, they also are in charge of the care and maintenance for our previous robots.

In the first week of build season, Mechanical works heavily with Engineering to understand the core components of the robot. This collaboration of Engineering and Mechanical is very essential to the success of the team because Mechanical builds what Engineering creates, so if Engineering succeeds, so does Mechanical, and vice versa.

After that first week, Mechanical often splits into different groups. These groups normally build different parts of the robot; for example, one group would build the part of the robot that grabs things, and another group would build the base of the robot. Mechanical also helps a lot with designing a drive train. In the 2014/15 season, Mechanical was heavily involved in designing a new swerve drive train that was used by the 2015 robot. During build season, Mechanical rarely has to work with departments other than Engineering, as most departments feed back into design, so Mechanical normally understands what is going on by what Engineering tells them.