Back Row: Prath, Jeremy, Jacob, Sean Front Row: Alex, Maverick, Aaron

Code’s primary job is coding the robot. To do so, they use C++, which is a versatile coding language used by most FRC teams. To teach new members, Code also does many pre-season projects, and to enhance their knowledge they host an AI (Artificial Intelligence) challenge where the members attempt to make the best functioning AI.

In 2014-2015 Code worked with Design and Mechanical to build swerve—a system to drive the robot where each wheel spins 360 degrees and moves forwards and backwards. There are two sensors on each module, one that controls the wheel speed and one that controls the wheel direction. The robot code gives the robot “directions” on where to move and how fast.

This season, code is working on tank drive to control the robot.

Apart from coding the robot, Code holds many other functions in the team. They help fix broken robots, are a part of the Pit Crew, and handle networking at events like the Mini-Regional.

At our annual Mini-Regional, code manages the computer systems. To do this, we created a new field internal management system and a new driver station interface. We also elected a code rover for all competitions to help other teams make sure their code will work and connect up properly to the field.