Chief: Izzy, Maddie, Chief: Maija, Karley

Charger Robotic’s Animation department has continued the project started last year and has made a video game version of Recycle Rush using Blender’s game engine. Because most of the department has become familiar with Blender (since the switch from 3ds Max), the quality of the game and animations has improved.

Since the Animation team has grown, the work can easily be divided and conquered. 2012 was the first time the department successfully submitted an entry for FIRST®’s safety animation challenge. Although it didn’t win, being able to complete the animation by the deadline was a proud feeling for all members.

Starting in the 2013-14 season, Animation has created video games for each year based on that year’s game challenge. So far, they have completed a game for Aerial Assist and Recycle Rush, Ultimate Ascent, and are currently in the process of making the Stronghold Game. Below, you can find the link to a page that details how to start an Animation team, and how they can be useful, as well as the link to the completed games.

Start an Animation Team!

Animation opens up an opportunity for a new demographic for your robotics team: Artists. Artists are good for many things, they can make your displays pretty, paint faces, and design graphics for marketing. Animation can also be a good place for people who want to be part of the team, but aren’t comfortable with robot making or talking to people.

Team 537’s animation department has made presentations highlighting how to use Blender, the 3d modeling and animation program that we use. Access the presentations HERE in google docs. In these presentations, you will find a comparison between Blender and 3Ds Max and why we chose Blender, how the Blender interface works, and simple tutorials of basic modeling, animating, and texturing in Blender. These are made by FIRST® students for FIRST® students to hopefully explain what to do when someone begins to use the program.

For other, more advanced tutorials, visit these websites:

Blender Artists Community

Blender’s Site

Blender Guru

Download Blender Here!

Animation Games!

Our Animation department creates games for each year’s challenge individually. The links for the completed games are below, enjoy!

Link to Recycle Rush: The Game

-Instructions: After downloading the game, extract all files into a folder somewhere on your computer (wherever you want it).  The .zip file contains three files.  A folder called “Data” –Don’t touch this; a .txt file called “Controls” –This explains the rules and controls of the game; and a file called “Recycle Rush” –This is the actual game file you click on to start playing.  Have fun!

Link to Aerial Assist: The Game