Having spirit in the stands is very important to our team. We have a small group of members that are in charge of spirit and making sure the other students are cheerful in the stands. To do this, the team has a lot of spirit gear. We pass out pompoms, scarves, capes, wigs, and signs as well as apply face paint and hairspray to our dedicated members. In between matches we dance and during the matches we cheer. If our team is not on the field, we’ll join in on other team’s cheers.

We have spirit leads that are in charge of starting up cheers and making sure the team has all the spirit gear that they need. Then we also have point people, whose job it is to inspire spirit within the team. They do this by cheering loudly, leading cheers, dancing, and passing out spirit gear to every member. All of our members in the stands that aren’t scouting are expected to be cheering, because our team shows our spirit.