For this season, members of Charger Robotics Team 537 are creating their own new scouting program to increase the efficiency of our evaluation of other teams. Each scouter will be using a tablet connected to a server operated by the scouting lead. This allows for efficient analysis by the drive team to adjust their playing style and role to fit that of their alliance partners. Scouters look for specific actions and placements of other teams’ robots (e.g. goals scored, autonomous performance, etc.).
Scouting is very important to the team when it comes to the competitions. It provides accurate and up-to-date data to the drivers so they can perform at their highest abilities. Drivers are also able to plan their defensive strategy with the information they have on the opposing teams. Without this information, the drivers would go into each match blindly. After qualifying matches, should our team be among the top eight seeded teams, our student representative uses all data collected over the course of the competition to determine who should be considered for our alliance partners.

Scouters and Rovers

The Scouting team and the Red Rovers help each other out in various capacities. Rovers are down in the pits getting the information that can’t be recorded by just watching the robots during the match, that way the drive team can know what the robot is meant to do from the Rovers, and how the bot actually performs from the Scouters. Since Scouters are up in the stands watching every match, they see how each robot is fairing. When they see a robot that appears to be having difficulty or that sustains damage during a match, they call the rovers and inform them, that way they can be ready to help if that team needs it.