Safety is one of the most obscure, but necessary, competition groups. They have one position, the Safety Captain, who mandates the safety and should someone get injured, they fill out the much needed paperwork. In the pit areas, they check the inspection list twice a day to be sure that the pit is as safe as possible.

5 ‘S’ Principles

Safety operates by the 5 ‘S’ Principles:

1) Sort- Sort items and get rid of unneeded items.

2) Straighten- Organize the work area.

3) Shine- Clean the work area regularly.

4) Standardize- Use pit inspection list twice a day for the pit area.

5) Sustain- Make the 5 ‘S’ rules a way of life, and assure that all team members know the importance of the rules.

Safety Tools

The Safety Captain also ensures that necessary tools are being used:

Safety Glasses- Safety glasses are the norm for safety here on Team 537, and they are to be used whenever near running machines, in the pits, on the field, in the shop, and at the practice field.

Gloves- Gloves should be worn when using the heat gun and heat related machines, and when working with wood. However, they should not be worn around machines which they can get caught in.

Closed Toed Shoes- Closed toed shoes are regulatory when at FIRST® competitions, and when in the workshop. Outlawed shoes are flip flops, Crocs, and high heels.

Safety Captain

Sarah Gerovac