What are Red Rovers?

Red Rovers are members from our team that explore the pits in search of teams who may need some help. Roving in groups of specialized students, Red Rovers actively seek out problems in the pits. For example, at the Lake Superior Regional in 2013, we had many Rovers on duty making bumpers for teams who did not have time to make any or had simply forgot in the madness that is build season. We also went around checking teams’ radios so they would be able to participate in the practice matches that year. In 2012, at the Queen City Regional, Rovers helped a team build their robot that had been shipped in pieces. Dressed in Team 537 shirts that say “Need Help?” and “Red Rovers” with two figures holding a wrench and a hammer on the back, Red Rovers are easy to find in the chaos of the pits of any regional our team happens to attend.

What Does a Red Rover Do?

The Red Rover team is made up of members from our Production, Electrical, and Code CDTs. A variety is chosen so that help can be given in any area of the robot build process. Our Code Rovers make sure each team is connected to the radio and can help with any C++ related issues. Electrical Rovers can assist with any wiring issues that bots may have. Production Rovers can help with any parts that need to be made or the more popular problem of bumper making. In addition to helping other teams, they also help our team by scouting in the pits. They go to each team and ask questions about their robots to see how they will perform, gathering data to help us select alliance partners.