The Pit Crew is in charge of robot maintenance. At competitions, there are areas where teams can work on their robots in between matches, which is called the pits. Each team gets a 10 ft x 10 ft x 10 ft space to set up all the tools that they need to keep their bot up and running. In each pit, you’ll find tools, batteries, wires, safety equipment, and more tools.

In addition to everything that will keep the bot up and running, there is also Marketing who sets up a display in the pits. In Team 537’s pit, the first thing that is seen is the large Marketing display shelf. On this shelf is brochures, trophies, beads, business cards, and a computer that plays through our team videos from build season. In front of the display, Marketing members stand by to answer any questions people may have about our team.

It’s important to have a limited number of team members in the team’s pit area. Overcrowding is a safety hazard, and with a robot taking up a large portion of the room, only members necessary to work on the bot will stay in the pit area along with the Marketing members just outside. While our robot is out on the field, the pit crew has to clean their area. With no robot, they have full access to the floor so they can take out the vacuum and tidy up the pit, because a clean pit is a safe pit.

One team member is assigned to be the “Pit Boss.” It’s their job to keep the pit crew’s operations running smoothly. It would be this member of the team that would monitor the amount of people in the pit and shoo members away if necessary to make sure that the pit is safe for everyone working.