Our Drive Team controls the robot and is in charge of it on the field. Team 537 holds extensive testing to find out who will be driving our robot at competition. There are four positions available on the drive team:

Primary driver:

Controls the robots movement on the field.

Secondary driver:

Is in charge of the other controls, like shooting in the 2014 game.

Field Coach:

The field coach is the eyes of the drive team. While the others are focused on what our robot is doing, the coach is looking at the entire field to see what our alliance and our opposing alliance is up to. The coach will direct the other members through the game.

Human Player:

Each year there is a human component to the game. The human player will have jobs such as returning game pieces to the field, either by tossing them in or feeding them to a robot.

To establish Team 537’s drive team, students start out with a written test. With this, they explain their strengths, test their knowledge on the game rules, and how the scoring works. Then they drive the robot on a small course to see how well they do with precision movement and control of the robot. A separate test is held for those interested in being the human player, where they must perform a task that shows the skills we need for the game. An example would be 2017 game, Steamworks, where the human player had to place gears on the Airship. We had interested members try out with our full course set up to see how many they scored. The final test is a test of teamwork. Students take turns being the coach and directing the other members through a task that shows how they can work as a team to complete a common goal.

Once all the tests have been completed, a well balanced drive team is decided. When they come out onto the arena floor, even if it’s just to queue up for the next match, team members in the stands go wild. It’s exciting to see our robot out on the field and the members that are representing our team working towards our common goal.