Team Structure

During the summer of the 2017-2018 season, Charger Robotics remodeled the team structure. Just like in previous years, the student who oversees the whole team is the Team Lead. The Team Lead’s responsibility is to make sure that the team is running cooperatively and seamlessly, by serving as an ambassador between departments. Directly under the Team Lead are the Business Operations lead and the Robot Operations lead, which report directly to the Team Lead. Their job is to maintain order and control over their individual departments. The departments under Business Operations are Course, Business Operations and Communications, Application Development, and Media. The Media department consists of External Communications, Video, Animation, and their corresponding chiefs. The Chiefs are in control of their separate departments and report directly to the Media lead. Strategy, Engineering, and Production are considered part of the Robot Operations. Under the Strategy department is the Drive Team. Electrical, Code, and Mechanical are categorized under the Production department of Robot Operations.

Integration Meetings

Integration meetings are targeted for keeping department leads informed on what is happening during build season. Each week, the team conducts one full Integration meeting, with all department leads present, as well as two separate meetings, one for media departments and one for robot departments. In these meetings, certain department members meet to discuss what the team hopes to accomplish for that week and the line of communications is open for leads to address the things they may need from other departments. The Integration lead also checks in on what each department has accomplished, and notes whether or not they are on track to complete their goals.