2017: FIRST® Steamworks-Colonel Kernel

FIRST® Steamworks is a steam-themed game designed for the 2017 FIRST® Robotics Competition. This game is played by two alliances, both made up of three teams. Each alliance scores points either by collecting Wiffle balls, which were used as “fuel”, or by taking gears up to their Airships. The gears were used to make the rotors turn on the airship, with each of the four requiring a different amount of gears for them to function. Wiffle balls could be collected by the robot and either dumped into the low goal of the boiler or thrown into the high boiler. The difference between the two boilers was that the high boiler was one point every three balls, whereas the low boiler was one point every nine balls. For each rotor turning, the teams can get 40 points. In the last 30 seconds of a match, the ropes are deployed and the robot has the option to climb. Climbing requires the robot to be able to scale a piece of rope and hold onto a button for a minimum of 1 second and light up a platform.

The Robot: Colonel Kernel

The Results

We had Colonel Kernel up and running by the time our Mini-Regional came around at week 0. This is a success for our team because sometimes our robot is not functioning the way we want it to by the mini regional.  At our first regional we were in St. Louis, and our alliance won the overall competition as well as the Chairman’s Award. At our hometown regional in Milwaukee, we received the Entrepreneurship Award for our business plan. We qualified for Champs in St. Louis, and even though we did not rank as high as we had hoped to, we were still happy to have the experience of the being able to go to Champs.

Member/Mentor Awards