2015: Recycle Rush – Captain Hook

The Game: Recycle Rush

Recycle Rush Ew

RECYCLE RUSH is a recycling-themed game
designed for the 2015 FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC). It is played by two alliances of three teams each. Alliances compete simultaneously to score points by stacking totes on scoring platforms, capping those stacks with recycling containers, and properly disposing of litter, represented by pool noodles, in designated locations. In keeping with the recycling theme of the game, all scoring elements used are reusable or recyclable by teams in their home locations or by FIRST® at the end of the season.

The Robot: Captain Hook


The Results

Team 537 had enormous success in its 2015 year. We managed to get picked in the third seed alliance at Nationals, and that alliance made it to the semi-finals in the Newton Division. Although we didn’t win any team awards at our hometown regional, the Wisconsin Regional, we did win a Chairman’s award at the Queens City Regional. We are very grateful for our successes in the 2015 season, and look forward to more in the future.


Member/Mentor Awards