2013: Ultimate Ascent – Judenki

The Game: Ultimate Ascent

ULTIMATE ASCENT was played by two three-team Alliances. Each Alliance tried to score the most points by shooting game discs into goals at the ends of the field. Teams could also get points by climbing a three-tiered pyramid on their side of the field. The pyramid had a small goal on the top as well. The variety of scoring options allowed teams to make many different types of robots, creating exciting matches at competitions.

The Robot: Judenki

2013 Juden-ki is Japanese for the word charger, so we named our robot Judenki. This robot had an intake above the shooter, designed to be loaded from the feeder station. The shooter was a work in progress up until St. Louis, where it was redesigned. It changed from two BaneBots RS-550 motors to two CIM motors. The wheels changed from BaneBots wheels to eight inch performance wheels with wedgetop tread. The climber was designed to do a three tier climb but was unsuccessful in every attempt. It eventually became a one tier climber. The robot was powered using a PTO (Power Takeoff) shaft connected to the drive train so there would be sufficient power to lift the bot.

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