2012: Rebound Rumble – Caddywhompus

The Game: Rebound Rumble

REBOUND RUMBLE was played between two alliances of three teams each. Each alliance competed trying to score as many of the basketballs in the hoops as possible during the 2-minute and 15-second match. Balls scored in higher hoops scored alliances more points. alliances were awarded bonus points if they were balanced on bridges at the end of the match. In matches where opponent alliances worked together to balance on the center bridge all participating teams earned additional valuable seeding points.

The Robot: Caddywhompus

2012 Our 2012 robot was named Caddywhompus because it was very quirky. Its drive train, powered by 4 CIM motors, was designed to maneuver over the bumps with ease and grip the bridge with pneumatic tires. The drive train also shifted between two speeds so it could both move fast and make precise adjustments on the bridge. Caddywhompus had a pneumatic bridge pusher attached to the front to help it climb on top of the bridge. Under the bridge pusher was the collector. The collector used belts of tubing to feed the balls up to the shooter. Our shooter was a robust weldment that was designed to shoot a half court shot. It featured a flywheel, powered by two CIMs, that could spin at speeds of up to 10000 rpm. The shroud of the shooter could be moved up and down for differently angled shots, and the entire shooter was mounted on a turret that could rotate.

The Results: See here

Team Awards

Event Award
2012 Wisconsin Regional Regional Chairman’s Award

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