2007: Rack ‘N Roll – Raptor

Team Changes

In 2007, Lori Hinytz took over as the new team adviser and the team had to recover from losing both John Budish and many former seniors. Thankfully, the team’s new leadership promised to be more organized with a much stricter attitude. The team had more members and planned more activities than ever before.

The Game: Rack ‘N Roll

RACK ‘N ROLL was the 2007 FIRST® Robotics game. Two alliances of 3 teams each competed to score “ringers” onto the “Rack.” The Rack was an octagonal structure located in the middle of the field that had 3 rows of “spider legs.” Each of the spider legs had a round stopper at the end to keep the ringers from falling off. The ringers, along with the keepers and spoilers, were inflated inner tubes commonly used as pool toys. Keepers were the tubes used during autonomous while spoilers could negate ringers that were occupying the spider leg.

The Robot: Raptor

This robot featured a 6 axis arm that was used to manipulate the game pieces.2007

The Results: See here

Team Awards


Event Award
2007 Wisconsin Regional Rockwell Automation Innovation in Control Award
2007 Wisconsin Regional Regional Winners
2007 Wisconsin Regional Engineering Inspiration Award
2007 Buckeye Regional Delphi “Driving Tomorrow’s Technology” Award

Member Awards


Award Received By
Best Program Support Stephanie Smith
Best Team Lead Lori Hall
Most Technically Proficient Christopher Burger
Special Recognition Laura Kamenick, Rockwell Automation, Taylor Roehr
Team Spirit Cristin Jelden
Super Supporter Laurie Cox and Kari Woods
Engineers Justin Wechter
Mentor of the Year David Wechter
Most Valuable Participant Michael Weinand
Committed to a Concept Kristin Cox
Most Improved Joshua Greiveldinger
Most Valuable Rookie Jeremy Becker
Rising Star Kelsey Gratz and Tricia Horvath
Woodie Flowers Nominee Lori Hinytz (nominated at regional)