2006: Aim High – Screech

The Game: Aim High

Aim High
AIM HIGH was the first game in a while that scoring took place during the match. The objective of Aim High was to score poof balls in one of 3 goals on the opponent’s end of the field. After the 15 second autonomous period, each alliance had one offensive and one defensive period before the final all out period. The order of the periods depended on which alliance scored more points in autonomous, leading to some interesting autonomous situations. The game was fast paced with some teams scoring above 100 points in a round.

The Robot: Screech

History2006-1-300x224Our 2006 robot, Screech, was designed to pick up the balls and rapidly shoot them into the goal. Because of the awful noise the collector made while operating, Screech featured a moderate traction drive train which used kit of parts transmission boxes, along with 2 CIM motors, to provide a healthy balance of speed and torque. The battery, motor, and compressor mounts were carefully placed in the chassis to increase traction for the defensive periods in the match. The chassis was also built for defense, as the 3/4 inch square aluminum extrusion frame could withstand collisions on the field. Screech’s collector was able to easily collect balls from the floor, moving them between a system of rollers and a flat plate, allowing them to be moved up into the hopper for the shooter. Alternatively, the collector could be reversed to dump balls into the low goals. The collector was also Screech’s namesake, as it made a truly horrible sound whenever its CIM motor turned on. Screech’s final subsystem, its shooter, allowed it to fire balls into the high goal from many places on the field. The hopper funneled balls into a loading position after they were collected. When ready, a single piston pushed the ball into the shooter, firing it. The shooter itself used 2 CIM motors to power 4 6-inch wheelchair wheels, which were placed to make the balls self-center as they fired. The shooter could rotate and change its angle of elevation by using 2 Globe motors, enabling the robot to fire in nearly a 200-degree range. The robot functioned well in the competition. The chain on the drivetrain had a small tendency to come off during the match, but this problem was fixed after St. Louis. Between the St. Louis and Wisconsin Regionals, we changed our shooter to use 2 motors instead of one. During championships, our drivers began to really use our robot’s advantages to come out ahead in most of our matches.

The Results: See here

In 2006, Charger Robotics made a huge push to do it all. We made advances on all fronts in an effort to win Chairman’s. Unfortunately, Chairman’s did not come our way. We did, however, win the St. Louis Regional with Team 71 and Team 547. After the St. Louis Regional, we attended the FIRST® Wisconsin Regional. Our alliance was not able to do as good as at St. Louis, but we still won the Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Entrepreneurship Award. During championships, the team continued to do well in our matches, using our advanced scouting program to prove ourselves as an alliance leader. Sadly, we were disqualified in our final qualifying match for entering too far into the side goal. We were not selected for the elimination rounds and returned home disappointed. 2006 was the last year our Team Co-Lead John Budish helped with the team. He accepted a job at Franklin High School (eventually forming Team 2506, Saber Robotics) and left our team in the unproven hands of Lori Hinytz.

Team Awards

Event Award
2006 St. Louis Regional Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Entrepreneurship
2006 St. Louis Regional Regional Winners
2006 Wisconsin Regional Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Entrepreneurship

Member Awards

Award Received By
Committed to a Concept Alison Crane, Calley Galarowicz, Stephanie Lundquist
Most Improved Josh Gratz
Rising Star Christopher Burger, Kristin Cox, Eric Larson, Stephanie Smith
Best Team Lead Stephen Horvath
Engineers David Woods
Mentor of the Year Jeff Hupfer
Best Program Support Rebecca Hintz
Most Technically Profiecient Taylor Roehr
Most Valuable Participant David Woods
Most Valuable Rookie Michael Weinand
Special Recognition Justin Wechter
Team Spirit Lori Hall
Super Supporter George McBride
Woodie Flowers Nominee Chris Paulik (nominated at regional)