2005: Triple Play – Crane Bot

The Game: Triple Play

Triple Play
TRIPLE PLAY involved a tetrahedron shaped game piece. These hollow game pieces were scored by placing them on top of 9 goals placed evenly on the played field. Scoring was determined based on where you placed tetras. You got bonus points for making rows of 3 tetras similar to Tic-Tac-Toe. Triple Play introduced many new game concepts to FIRST® Robotics, including:

  • CMUCam2 Vision System – added a camera as a sensor
  • A pre-designed kit of parts transmission
  • An advanced breaker panel
  • Fix-it Windows after ship

The Robot: Crane Bot2005

We had a spectacular robot in 2005, made evident by the fact that it carried us to the national finals! The robot was constructed entirely out of ITEM, which was an aluminum profile. The corners of the bot were three fasteners, which made it hard to work with in the pits, however, the robot had a few main mechanisms, those being the Elevator, the Arm, the Claw, and the Trident.

The Elevator of Crane Bot was powered by two CIMs and used a turned custom pulley. The Elevator also had custom braided green “Spider Wire”, which is like a fishing line. The elevator was lastly extraordinarily tall, stretching up to 23 feet.

The Crane Bot’s Arm rotated independently from the Chassis and used a Van Door Motor. The Arm could move 270 degrees in any direction, which was highly unique among the robots. There was also a Claw on the end of boom, which was pneumatically activated with a Cylinder, and it could hold two tetras at the same time. The robot also sported a Static “Mushroom”, or Trident which could carry up to 4 tetras at once. Our strategy was also very essential to our success in 2005. Our strategy was to stay in “Home Row”, and to manually load Tetras. It was also the first year of attempting to track color, which was somewhat a success.

The Results: See here

2005 was a very successful year for Charger Robotics. Along with double qualifying for Nationals by winning Engineering Inspiration and Regional Champions, we were Division finalists at the Championships in Atlanta.

Team Awards


Event Award
2005 Midwest Regional Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Entrepreneurship
2005 Midwest Regional Regional Winners
2005 St. Louis Regional Delphi “Driving Tomorrow’s Technology”
2005 St. Louis Regional Engineering Inspiration
2005 The Championship Event Championship Division Finalists – Newton

Member Awards


Award Received By
Best Program Support Hannah Johnson
Best Team Lead Stephen Horvath
Committed to a Concept Stephanie Lundquist
Engineers David Woods
Mentor of the Year Chris Paulik
Most Improved Taylor Roehr
Most Technically Proficient Gabe VanEyck
Most Valuable Participant Katie Hall and Keith Meyer
Most Valuable Rookie Alison Crane
Rising Star Justin Wechter
Special Recognition James Bittner, Jerry Gorski, Kelly Kornel
Super Supporter George McBride
Team Spirit Rebecca Hintz and Carrie Swick
Woodie Flowers Nominee Bruce Van Eyck (nominated at regional)