Wisconsin FIRST® Raffle


The Wisconsin FIRST® Raffle is an annual raffle, which started in 2001, that is drawn at the Mini-Regional, located at Sussex Hamilton High School, hosted by Team 537. The money is put towards the cost of robot parts, and transportation to competition events, as well as staging demos,  and other expenses. The tickets cost $3 each, or 4 tickets for $10. These tickets can be purchased from any team member of Team 537 or any team participating at the Mini-Regional.

2019 Prizes

  • First Prize — $1000 prize money
  • Second Prize — Vizio 65″ $K HDR Smart TV
  • Third Prize — HP Laptop Model #15

2019 Winners

Julianna R. (from Team 537) won the $1000!
The Tollenaar Family (from Team 1259) won the TV!
Pat D. (from Team 2506) won the Laptop!

Exclusive to tickets purchased from Team 537 members: in addition to the above prizes, there are also many local prizes such as gift cards/certificates. If you have any questions, comments, or would like to buy some raffle tickets, please contact one of our Team Advisors.

This raffle follows all laws and regulations associated with raffle ticket selling.