Since 2002, Team 537 Charger Robotics has been hosting a Mini-Regional mock competition, which is open to any team who would like to attend. It gives teams the chance to test their robots and strategies on a full-size course. In addition to the competition, community members and their families can partake in interactive children’s activities. Team 537 also holds the Wisconsin FIRST® Raffle at this event. The raffle has become a major fundraiser for the involved teams, and it helps raise money for reasons such as funding for parts for the robot, transporting our robot and other supplies to competitions, staging demonstrations, and paying many other expenses. The 2019 Team 537 Charger Robotics FIRST® Mini-Regional took place on February 17th. Admission is free!


706 Cyberhawks
930 Mukwonago BEARs
1091 Oriole Assault
1259 Paradigm Shift
1306 BadgerBOTS
1675 UPS (Ultimate Protection Squad)
1792 Round Table Robotics
2077 Laser Robotics
2194 Fondy Fire
2202 BEAST Robotics
2506 Saber Robotics
2830 Riverside RoboTigers
3197 HexHounds
3381 Manitowoc County Droid Rage
3418 Robo Riot
4296 Trident Robotics
4531 STEMpunk
4786 Nicolet FEAR
4804 Port PiraTech
5096 The Teutonic Force
5148 New Berlin Blitz
5586 Bond Brigade
5976 CyberSaders
6381 Red Raider Robotics
6574 Ferradermis
6823 Wildcat Robotics
7103 Robo Remedy