Giving Back

Team 537 believes that giving back to our community is more important than any demonstration we do. Below are descriptions of some of the ways we have helped and are currently helping the community.


Three times during the summer, team members, mentors, and parents volunteer to clean up our adopted 2.5-mile section of highway close to our school. Highway 170, the road we clean up,  is a heavily trafficked road that otherwise accumulated a tremendous amount of unsightly trash. This event benefits the community by keeping the highways clear of trash and litter, which would otherwise be very prominent.

Bleed for Bots

Once a year, Team 537 holds a “Bleed for Bots” blood drive. The team partners with the Blood Center of Wisconsin to allow community and team members to donate blood. Members call people on the Wisconsin blood donor list to assist with setting up appointments. Also, team members, mentors, and parents often become donors too. Team 537 has been able to gather about 80 people who in total donate approximately 40 units of blood per drive, which in turn saves 120 people annually.

Box Tops

Since October 2015, the team has participated in a Box Top drive to help raise money for the Templeton Middle School FIRST® Lego League team that competes and participates in activities similar to those in FRC. They too require funds, and our team is happy we can provide that for them. This event benefits the community by showing support for FLL, which attracts youth to FIRST®, S.T.E.M, and their ideals.

Relay For Life

Relay For Life is a fundraising event for the American Cancer Society.  It involves teams of participants walking all night long on a high school track to raise money and awareness for cancer. The event was held at Sussex Hamilton High School’s track but recently moved to Menomonee Falls High School.  Members of Charger Robotics have participated in the relay and shown off our robot to the other participants for many years. This event benefits the community because our team raises a large amount of money for cancer research yearly, and attracts people to the event.

Sussex Food Pantry

The Sussex Food Pantry is an organization that helps families in need in the Sussex area. The food pantry is used by 1,200 unique individuals, and Team 537 is grateful to be able to help provide these families with food and hygiene items.


During the summer of 2013, the team gathered at The Sussex Outreach Services Food Pantry to help sort, box, and count food items dropped off by citizens and mail trucks. The team organized approximately 6300 items for the Pantry, which help feed those in need in our community.


During the summer of 2014, the team helped the Sussex Outreach Food Services in their sort of the food collected by mail carriers. Knowing this is a process that the pantry does every day on a smaller scale, we want to thank the Sussex Food Pantry for allowing us to make sure that every individual in our community is fed each day. This event benefits the community because we sort food that will be given to local citizens who need it.