Charger Robotics would be nothing without the help of our local community and its support.  Throughout the year we hold many fundraisers at local businesses to both spread the message of FIRST® and raise money for our team. Check out our News page as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts for up to date information about when these fundraisers are happening!

Box Tops for Education

Starting in 2014, Team 537 has brought in Box Tops to raise money for the Templeton Middle School FIRST®  Lego League Program. We felt that it was important to fund their program as a majority of our teams members were involved while they attended middle school, and because it gives the Middle School students the funding they need to produce amazing work.

Brats for Bots

Team 537’s fundraiser called “Brats for Bots” started in the summer of 2012. Our booster club organized three brat fries at our local Piggly Wiggly to help raise funds to build a new garage for our team’s practice course used in the annual Mini-Regional and FIRST®  Kickoff events. On May 11th, 2013, not only did we do Brats for Bots, but we also did a food collection drive at the Sussex Food Pantry called “Peanut Butter and Jelly Time.” During any of the Brats for Bots events, there will be a donation bin collecting food for the Sussex Food Pantry.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Our “Feast with the Geeks” fundraisers have expanded to Buffalo Wild Wings in Pewaukee. Every fall since 2009, our team has packed the restaurant and are rewarded with 15% of that night’s proceeds.


Can-Do is a year-round project in which our team and family members collect aluminum cans that we have been participating in since 2006.  The cans are properly recycled to help raise funds for our team expenditures and to help the environment.

CIMCO Recycling Drive

Since 2011, we’ve partnered with CIMCO (formally Action Recyclers) to better the environment, as well as to generate funds for our team. Team 537 utilizes social media to advertise our collection date when we accumulate scrap metal, electronics, old appliances and other discarded items to make sure they are properly disposed of and recycled. Our team typically has conducted two recycling events per year.

Cousins Subs

Since 2009, Team 537 has partnered with our local Cousins Subs in Sussex. Charger Robotics has multiple “Robo Nights” throughout the year where Cousins donates a portion of the night’s proceeds to our team.

Moe’s Southwest Grill

Considered our flagship “Feast with the Geeks” event, Charger Robotics has partnered with Moe’s Southwest Grill in Pewaukee since 2004. We use Moe’s event to start our pre-season officially. Moe’s has always been a special meeting place for our team to celebrate accomplishments and overcome challenges in a fun environment.

Tony Maronni’s

Tony Maronni’s is a local pizzeria in the Sussex area. We felt it was important to work with local businesses to increase involvement and team connections. We were able to work with Tony Maroni’s from 2008-2010 in our community and fundraising efforts.

Wisconsin FIRST® Raffle

Please see our Wisconsin FIRST® Raffle page here.