Team 537 hosts and attends many demonstrations year round to help promote FIRST® Robotics and to show off our accomplishments to the public. We have participated in many events such as Summerfest, a Mini-Regional (which we host), the Lions Daze Parade, the Pauline Haas Ice Cream Social, and On the Waterfront, along with many others. Team 537 would like to extend thanks to all of the organizations that have allowed us to show off our robotics to the public, as well as the people who have attended our many events over the years.

Summerfest (2006-present)

Since 2006, Team 537 has held daily demonstrations at Summerfest, the world’s largest music festival. One day out of the 11-day event, a mock competition is held with teams from the surrounding areas. The full course is set up at the sports stage for teams to compete with the previous year’s robots. The event typically runs from noon to four, giving adults and children attending Summerfest to stop by and see robots in action. In addition to the large mock competition, a few team members are at the event EVERY DAY with VEX bots for children to drive and to talk about the program. In 2017, the festival attracted over 900,000 attendees from around the world, many of whom were entertained by our robots.

Mini-Regional (2002-present)

Teams from around the area are invited to come and practice the game on a regulation size course built by our team. This event is held the Sunday before ship and is free to the public. Visit this page for more information regarding the Mini-Regional.

Sussex Lion’s Daze Parade (2005-present)

The local Lion’s Club holds a 3-day community festival.  The festival begins with a mile long parade through Sussex in which Team 537 participates by driving the previous year’s robot for all to see.

Pauline Haass Ice Cream Social (2006-2014)

The Ice Cream Social is a community get-together held by the local library. The team holds a demonstration with the competition robot and VEX robots.

Piston & Rod Show (2011-present)

The Piston & Rod Show is a local car show and key fundraising event for a community sponsor, the Sussex Lion’s Club. Team 537 brings their competition robot and holds interactive demos.

8th Grade Orientation (2002-present)

The 8th-grade orientation is an event where all high school extra-curricular activities are shown and offered to incoming students. Charger Robotics puts up a booth with an old competition bot, marketing display, and team video for current 8th graders. By participating in the 8th-grade orientation, incoming 8th graders can see that we are a school with a robotics team. The goal for our team is to get the incoming freshman a look into what the robotics team is all about and get them interested in joining the team for next year.

Lakeshore Regional Demo (2013-present)

The Lakeshore Regional Demo is a FIRST® LEGO® League competition where FIRST® Robotics teams set up a full-scale course and run mock competitions for the LEGO® League kids to see what they could be doing when they reach the high school level. First Lego League teams compete in robot competitions where their LEGO® robots complete a set of tasks as well as a project where they are expected to research, construct, and present a new and innovative solution to a problem faced by people around the world.

On-The-Waterfront (2007-2012)

Team 1625 Winnovation organized a demonstration at a local music festival in Rockford, Illinois. Seven other teams participated in the event in 2012. Team 537 provided the course for the mock competition.

Marcus Movie Theater [Iron Man 2 (2010), Tron (2010), Real Steel (2011)]Marcus-Movie-Theater2-224x300

Charger Robotics has held demonstrations with the competition robot and VEX robots in the lobby on the opening weekend of robot or technology inspired movies.

Rockwell Automation Fair (2009, 2011, 2015 & 2016)

Team 537 was invited to be showcased at the Rockwell Automation Fair. Team members talked with engineers from around the world, explaining FIRST® and Team 537.