At The Control

At The Control (ATC) is a web-based program that allows any person to get live, up-to-date information on any team from any competition. This program contains a live video feed, match results, current team rank, and a prediction center. Viewers also have the opportunity to participate in a community chat.

ATC was first conceptualized in the 2011-2012 competition year by Nick Block, a Team 537 alumni, and used at Team 537’s annual Mini Regional where it featured a live video and Twitter feed. Although there were only 10 viewers, ATC was an instant hit. There were 110 viewers at that year’s Wisconsin Regional, where match results were added to the site. For the Queen City Regional in Cincinnati, Ohio, the viewership doubled. At the same regional, the community chat was introduced. The chat made it more entertaining for the team followers, as they had the chance to voice their thoughts and opinions on the team’s matches. ATC had over 250 viewers after the Cincinnati and Wisconsin regionals. At the world championships in St. Louis, ATC added its final box of content: the prediction center, which accurately predicted an average of nine out of ten matches.

ATC was created for the purpose of allowing those who  cannot attend the competition to have the opportunity to view the matches. It is user-friendly and engaging to viewers. This was achieved with a simple but bold-speaking design and layout.

Block says, “I couldn’t have made the site as successful as it is without the great support from parents and the alumni of the team. I didn’t make this site just because I could; I created it for the parents, the students, and the alumni that are not at the competition with the team.”

Download the official At The Control App:
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