As of Saturday, January 5th, the 2019 season has officially begun!! This year the theme is FIRST® Deep Space. The field elements this year are a Rocket, a Cargo Ship, and a Habitat. The robot starts on either the first or second level of the habitat. In contrast to years past, there is no official autonomous period, and instead for the first 15 seconds of the game, operator vision is completely obscured by a “sandstorm”. During this period, teams can decide between using autonomous and using vision tracking. During the 75 remaining seconds of the game, robots try to get cargo into the different cargo bays in the Cargo Ship and Rocket. To ensure that the cargo doesn’t roll out, teams need to put a hatch panel on the cargo bays. At the end of the round, robots return to either the first, second, or third level of the habitat, where they will receive points based on which level they reach. For more information visit