2018: FIRST® Power Up-Alpha

FIRST® Power Up was a retro video game themed game designed for the 2018 FIRST® Robotics Competition. This game was played by two alliances, both made up of three teams. Each alliance scored points by adding Power Cubes (milk crates) to the scale element and the switch element. Another way to score points was to deliver the Power Cubes to the human player. This enabled the human player to place the cubes into one of the 3 slots for Power Cubes. Putting the cubes into these slots would activate “Power Ups,” which consisted of Boost, Levitate, and Force. Each Power Up had a unique quality. Boost gave the team that activated it twice the points for each second the scale or switch was controlled. Force forced both the switch and the scale to be owned by the team that activated it.  Levitate gave the alliance that activated it points for a climb even if one of their robots did not climb. In the last 30 seconds of the match, much like previous years’ games’, the bots were able to climb. In this game, it was on a bar on the side of the scale. Unlike other years, there was only a specified height to reach, and therefore robots could lift other robots to earn climbing points for the other robots.

The Robot: Alpha

The Results

We had Alpha up and running by the time our Mini-Regional came around at week 0. This is a success for our team because sometimes our robot is not functioning the way we want it to by the mini regional.  At our first regional in Milwaukee our robot got picked for the 4th alliance. This alliance made it to quarterfinals, and then unfortunately lost to alliance 5.  At our second regional in La Crosse, we once again were picked for an alliance; this time it was alliance 2. At this event, our alliance made it to semifinals, but unfortunately lost to alliance 6. Although we did not qualify for Champs this year, it was still a very successful season.

Member/Mentor Awards