Wisconsin Regional


The 2016 FIRST® Wisconsin Regional was held at the UWM Panther Arena on March 23rd through the 26th. The Wisconsin Regional is the annual competition hosted by FIRST®, and participated in by various teams in the area including Team 537. At the Wisconsin Regional, there are many awards up for grabs, and if a team wins either major award, or a few minor awards, they will advance to championships. To attend the event, there are no prior requirements, but to participate you must pay fees. For more information see http://www.wisconsinregional.com/.


Team 537 attended the Wisconsin Regional in 2015 and could be seen participating and cheering both on and off the stands. Both our mentors and us volunteered for a large amount of functions for the event. Our members did many various functions such as running the Machine Shop, handing out safety glasses, and running VIP Tours for the event. Our mentors also helped out at the event. Some of our mentors helped to plan the event, and others helped run certain functions of the event such as live-streaming and the communications.  One of our mentors, Kari “Motherwoods” Woods even won the Volunteer of the Year award. On the team side, we carried out our many normal functions at the event. Our members could be seen everywhere, not just in the form of the stand’s sea of red. Our members did everything from scouting, to roving, to being in the pit crew, however that didn’t prevent the members from cheering their hearts out in the stands when they were called to do so. We overall enjoyed the regional this year, and had a great time both helping with it and participating in it. We would like to thank all staff and volunteers at the event, and we look forward to next year’s Wisconsin Regional.