2016 Mini Regional

This past Sunday, February 21st, was our 2016 Mini-Regional. We hosted 22 teams from the area and approximately 1500 guests who watched the teams test out their robots on a full scale course. In addition to the competition, guests were able to drive VEX robots, play an animated version of Stronghold, and make buttons and color at the Kiddie Corral! Team 930, The Mukwonago Bears, provided concessions for the event.

Ship Day

Today is Ship or “Stop Build” day, the last day we are able to work on our robot before we have to bag and tag it. Happy Ship Day, everybody!

2016 FIRST Wisconsin Raffle winners.

1. TV- Hunter D. (ticket sold by 2077 Laser Robotics)

2. Laptop- Karen W. (ticket sold by 537 Charger Robotics)

3. Cash prize- Bill H. (ticket sold by 269 Cooney Robotics)

Mini Regional

Make sure you watch the Mini Regional this Sunday ,the 21st, on atthecontrol.com.

Mini-Regional Teams

The teams attending our Mini-Regional event:

2202 Beast Robotics
1259 Pewaukee
2077 Kettle Moraine
1091 Hartford
5148 New Berlin
3596 Racine – Rocket Robotics
1306 Badger Bots
3418 Robo Riot
4786 Nicolet Fear
2506 Saber Robotics
930 Mukwonago Bears
5586 Bond Brigade
5976 Catholic Memorial
4247 BOSCTE School Cougar Bots
5096 Teutonic Force G-Town
3197 Hex Hounds – Cedarburg
1675 UPS
3381 Droid Rage
4531 STEM Punk
706 Cyberhawks
2194 Fondy Fire