Interest Meeting

Meet in the Little Theater by 6:30 on Tuesday, September 27th.

Awards Ceremony

Our awards ceremony is on May 19th in the Hamilton High School Little Theater. This is the ceremony where we honor deserving team members, give out senior gifts, and celebrates this year’s accomplishments. We hope to see you there!

FIRST World Championships

Over this past weekend (April 27th through April 30th), we attended the championship event in St. Louis. Qualifying through our Chairman’s Award at the Wisconsin Regional, we enjoyed this weekend as a great opportunity for our team, and we were very fortunate to attend.

Our robot placed 71st out of 75 robots in our division, Tesla; however, we feel as though that ranking did not reflect our bot’s ability to perform. Our robot performed as one of the only solid defensive robots in our division, able to cross B and D class defenses as well as the low bar defense to breach. Our drive team performed very well, utilizing the great strategic data given to us through our scouting heatmaps to prevent as many goals as possible. Often times, our strategy played a crucial role in turning the matches around for the better for our alliance. Unfortunately, we were not selected to be in an alliance in our division; however, we are very grateful to have had another month to compete and improve our robot, and we look forward to charging into a better season next year.

Although our robot was the main part of our team at the event, there were other aspects of Championships for our team as well. Team members Carl Swartzendruber, Erin Heaster, and Drew Coe presented for the Chairman’s award. This award, which we won at the Wisconsin Regional, recognizes the team that best promotes the message of FIRST to it’s community through community outreach, STEM involvement, and other actions and events. On top of that, our team talked with judges who gave us feedback on our business plan, safety program, and other aspects of our team.

Wisconsin Regional

We attended the Wisconsin Regional this past weekend, here were the results:

We were the finalists in an alliance with Team 706 Cyberhawks, and Team 5903 ThorBots. Our team played defense for most of the matches, helping to prevent the other alliance from scoring goals. Also, we won the Chairman’s Award, recognizing our achievements in embodying and exemplifying the purpose and goals of FIRST, qualifying us for the 2016 FIRST Championships. Overall, we had a fun and successful experience at the Wisconsin Regional. Thank you FIRST!

Rock City Regional

Gracious Professionalism Pic

This past week, Team 537 traveled to Little Rock, Arkansas for the Rock City Regional which took place at the Barton Coliseum. We were among 49 teams that came from 9 different states competing. On Saturday, the final day of competition, the power was knocked out by a drunk driver who hit a telephone pole. It took three hours for power to be completely restored, and qualification matches were truncated at the point of power loss. Alliance selections were powered by a generator, but full power was back for the final matches. Our robot didn’t do as well as we would have liked, but we came home with the Gracious Professionalism award.