Wisconsin Regional is Just Around the Corner!

Even though we just got back from the Lake Superior Regional in Duluth, MN, we have another competition coming up in Milwaukee! Milwaukee travel is open to all team members provided they are in favorable academic and behavioral standings. The cost will be free in terms of travel for our members thanks to the Booster Club and its' members! The only cost that will be present will be food and drink and any other spending money the team members want to have. The regional will take place on the following dates with the corresponding times:

  • Thursday, March 21st- Arrive at HHS at 6:30am, depart at 7am, event starts at 8:30am, depart from event to return to HHS at around 6:30pm.
  • Friday, March 22nd- Arrive at HHS at 6:30am, depart at 6:45am, event starts at 8:00am, depart from event to return to HHS at around 7:45pm.
  • Saturday March 23rd-Depart from HHS at 7:00am, return between 9-10pm.

Attached to this news event, there is a permission slip and a longer and more expanded information sheet that explains the days for the Wisconsin Regional more in-depth.
Fill out the permission slips and turn into Ms. Hinytz by Monday, March 18th.

Go Chargers!

Wisconsin Regional Field Trip Permission Form.doc

St. Louis, here we come!

At the 2013 FRC Lake Superior Regional, Team 537 took home the Regional Chairman’s Award. The Chairman’s Award is presented to the team that best represents FIRST’s goal of inspiring children and young adults about science and technology by making it fun. Charger Robotics earned the award by serving as a role model for other teams. Winning the award qualified Team 537 to advance to the FIRST® World Championships in St. Louis. This is Team 537’s third regional Chairman’s award and is just one more to a short list of teams to have received this prestigious award more than two times.


Raffle Winners

Thank You to all that participated in the FIRST® Wisconsin Raffle, here are our winners.

Marty K. TV
Jerry C.  Laptop
Amy C. Cash prize

Week 5 – Update

Mechanical: All designs have been finished, parts have been made as they are received, collector and feeder started getting assembled, and drive train got assembled.
Electrical: Worked with test robot, and started getting stuff ready for competition robot
Code: Fixed bugs in robot code
Marketing: Continued drafts on essays, collected Mini-Regional prizes, and worked on the scrapbook
Web: Continued updating website, and working on ATC
Video: Weekly update video
Animation: Rendering
Course: Painting

This week is the final stretch– it is important that we give full effort in our work and get this robot done. Don’t forget that Saturday afternoon everyone (except people who are crucial to working on the robot) is dedicated to helping Bruce set up for the Mini-Regional.

Visit the Team537 youtube page!