Wisconsin Regional

We attended the Wisconsin Regional this past weekend, here were the results:

We were the finalists in an alliance with Team 706 Cyberhawks, and Team 5903 ThorBots. Our team played defense for most of the matches, helping to prevent the other alliance from scoring goals. Also, we won the Chairman’s Award, recognizing our achievements in embodying and exemplifying the purpose and goals of FIRST, qualifying us for the 2016 FIRST Championships. Overall, we had a fun and successful experience at the Wisconsin Regional. Thank you FIRST!

Rock City Regional

Gracious Professionalism Pic

This past week, Team 537 traveled to Little Rock, Arkansas for the Rock City Regional which took place at the Barton Coliseum. We were among 49 teams that came from 9 different states competing. On Saturday, the final day of competition, the power was knocked out by a drunk driver who hit a telephone pole. It took three hours for power to be completely restored, and qualification matches were truncated at the point of power loss. Alliance selections were powered by a generator, but full power was back for the final matches. Our robot didn’t do as well as we would have liked, but we came home with the Gracious Professionalism award.

2016 Mini Regional

This past Sunday, February 21st, was our 2016 Mini-Regional. We hosted 22 teams from the area and approximately 1500 guests who watched the teams test out their robots on a full scale course. In addition to the competition, guests were able to drive VEX robots, play an animated version of Stronghold, and make buttons and color at the Kiddie Corral! Team 930, The Mukwonago Bears, provided concessions for the event.

Ship Day

Today is Ship or “Stop Build” day, the last day we are able to work on our robot before we have to bag and tag it. Happy Ship Day, everybody!

2016 FIRST Wisconsin Raffle winners.

1. TV- Hunter D. (ticket sold by 2077 Laser Robotics)

2. Laptop- Karen W. (ticket sold by 537 Charger Robotics)

3. Cash prize- Bill H. (ticket sold by 269 Cooney Robotics)