Robotics Grants

Wisconsin Representative Adam Neylon has drafted a bill that, if passed, would make $500,000 available to Wisconsin robotics teams in the form of $5,000 individual team grants. Read and follow the bill’s progress here to help spread FIRST® and it’s message further.

January Food Drive

January is flying by, so make sure you get your items in for the food pantry!


2016 Game Challenge- FIRST STRONGHOLD- Revealed!

Today marks the 2016 season kickoff and the game challenge, FIRST Stronghold, was revealed via web broadcast this morning. You can view the teaser, released in October, here and the reveal from this morning here.

Rockwell Automation Fair 2015

On November 18th and 19th, a group of Team 537 members had the opportunity to travel to McCormick Place in Chicago for the Rockwell Automation Fair. With help from other Wisconsin teams, we ran a demonstration of the 2015 game challenge, Recycle Rush. Vendors in the tech industry set up displays and students got the chance to tour the facilities with Rockwell employees, and learn more about the different businesses and products involved in the fair. Team members also got to talk to Rockwell employees from around the world about FIRST and Team 537, while also learning more about what Rockwell employees do on a day to day basis.


This past weekend, on November 14th and 15th, Team 537 set up a full sized Recycle Rush course and ran demonstration matches at the Lakeshore FLL Competitions at Lakeshore Technical College. Our robot from the 2015 competition season had already been shipped to Chicago for another demo, so members of the Electrical and Mechanical CDTs modified our 2014 Aerial Assist robot to play Recycle Rush. This created “Captain Clifford,” named after our 2015 bot “Captain Hook” and 2014 bot “Clifford,” as well as the game Aerial Rush, which is Recycle Rush played with the exercise balls from Aerial Rush used to knock down stacks on the opposite alliance’s side. The FLL teams enjoyed watching the stacks topple over, and learned a lot about the FRC and FTC programs that they can be a part of.