• Raffle Winners

    The Raffle is over and the winners are in! Noah J won the Large Flat screen TV Eric L won the Laptop Computer And Wave

  • Can’t make it to the Mini-Regional?

    No problem! Watch it live tomorrow here:

  • SOS Food Drive!

    Help Charger Robotics stock the food pantry! The Sussex Food Pantry is in need of canned soups/stews/chili, oatmeal, canned fruit and vegetables. Also, personal care

  • Robo Recap Week 5!

    Check out Robo Recap Week 5 on our Youtube channel today!

  • Robo Recap Week 4

    Click here to check out the Robo Recap from this week, featuring the charismatic host Dani!

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Build Season Updates

Build Season Updates

This past meeting, Mechanical and Design continued machining and designing parts for the robot. Meanwhile, Code and Electrical continued work on swerve, while Code also continued their AI Challenge, and Electrical continued working on their board for this years robot. Also, Web, Marketing, and Video continued work on their many projects such as reviewing the website surveys, and the week 4 Robo Recap which was successfully put out.

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