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  • Raffle Winners

    The Raffle is over and the winners are in! Noah J won the Large Flat screen TV Eric L won the Laptop Computer And Wave

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    Help Charger Robotics stock the food pantry! The Sussex Food Pantry is in need of canned soups/stews/chili, oatmeal, canned fruit and vegetables. Also, personal care

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Queens City Regional

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Over the weekend, Team 537 went to the Wisconsin Regional!

We made it to the 23rd seed out of 60 teams.

Our member Sarah Liedtke is a Deans List Award Finalist, and she will be traveling to finals in an attempt to win! Congratulations and Good Luck!

Our mentor Kari Woods, also known as Motherwoods, won the Volunteer of the Year Award. Congratulations!

Also, Team 537 is attending the FIRST Queens City Regional!

You can watch it, and monitor Team 537's rankings on At The Control here:

You can also look at the official Queens City Website here:

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